New name, same game!

One of the best things about being a full-service creation studio with a wide spectrum of talents is our ability to answer our clients’ briefs – and then some. When the two Swedish trade unions Civilekonomerna and Jusek joined as one, they needed a brand-new-brand story. And Chimney were thrilled to help, swiftly integrating our myriad of solutions into a comprehensive, seamless package that charmed the socks off them.

Our work was cut out: a new name, brand strategy, graphic profile, communications strategy, concept, internal launch, channel strategy and external launch campaign – just to name a few.

And so we began with a name. Akavia.


Our creative solutions and ability to capitalize on having all competences under one roof allowed us to deliver more, in less time. The client’s initial brief to build a new brand in six months was transformed into a long list of solutions that optimized impact.


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