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Cyan – Racing Record

CYAN STREET CAR SMASHES THE NURBURGRING LAP RECORD… ... and Chimney was on set to witness and record it all. The outcome is this thrilling digital promo ad for Cyan Racing, produced from start to finish by Chimney. It features the Chinese start-up Cyan's Lynk & Co concept car stunningly clocking in the legendary 21-kilometre... View Article

Vattenfall – Ski team

CREDITS Chimney Team: Grade: Joakim Rissveds Conform: Michael Engström VFX 3d Supervisor: Martin Törnestedt VFX Comp Supervisor: Evelina Åström VFX Producer: Martin Nilsson VFX Artist: Hugo Balkhammar Sound: Frippe Jonsäter Online: Peter Törnestam Delivery: Mats Skoglund Post Producer: Tua Nordqvist . External credits: Director: Linnea Bergman Production Company: Aspekt Stokholm

Cheap Monday – RIP

CREDITS Production Company New Land Director: Indra Herö Wide Producer: Therese Engberg Post Producer: Moa Looft Color: Joakim Rissveds Sound: Ellinor Nilsson Conform: Michael Engström


CREDITS Client: Arket Grade: Joakim Rissveds

Toyota – RAV4

CREDITS Photographer: Daniel Blom Client: Toyota Project: Rav4 Retouch: Joakim Rissveds at Chimney

Nootka – Launch Campaign

CREDITS Client: Nootka Photographer & Director: Rikard Lilja DOP: Tim Lorentzen MUA: Oscar Svensson Colour grading & retouch: Joakim Rissveds Post Producer: Axel Engström


Credits Director: Mikael Jansson Producer: Kim Jansson Chimney Conform: Michael Engström Grade: Joakim Rissveds Sound: Fredrik Jonsäter Online: Rajdarn Eldorado Post Producer: Tua Nordqvist The photographer Mikael Jansson has been working with a unique documentation of the last generation of survivors from the Holocaust. His portrait series and a short documentary are shown at an... View Article