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DNB – Who Run the World?

"We can't run the world if we don't own it" It's always a pleasure to work on spots with important messages, like this one we post-produced for Norwegian financial services company DNB. Men currently own 80% of all private stock in Norway—something that must change if women are to truly "run the world." VISIT DNB'S... View Article

Lil Nas X – Panini

Lil Nas X Meets Blade Runner In a global collaboration, our Chimney LA, NYC and Warsaw offices were proud to complete all VFX for top hip hop star, Lil Nas X's "Panini" music video. The end result is this snazzy 3-minute version of Blade Runner... executed in just one month. Trending at no 1 on... View Article

Volvo – Selfie for Safety

CREDITS Client: Volvo Director: Marcus Ibanez / New Land Producer: Dea Saracevic / New Land Sound: Ellinor Nilsson Post Producer: Tua Nordqvist  

Tele2 – The Box Car

THE TALENT Client: Tele2 Director: Tore Frandsen / New Land Producer: Adam Holmström / New Land Sound: Ellinor Nilsson VFX: Evelina Åström, Ragnar Grudd, Jacob Gafvels, Liv Malmström Online: Rajdarn Eldorado Post Producer: Moa Looft MORE TECH POST-PRODUCTION Telia - "Ett äventyr genom folknätet"   Seed   Tele2 - The Box Car   Spectrum - Smart Homes... View Article

Cyan – Racing Record

CYAN STREET CAR SMASHES THE NURBURGRING LAP RECORD… ... and Chimney was on set to witness and record it all. The outcome is this thrilling digital promo ad for Cyan Racing, produced from start to finish by Chimney. It features the Chinese start-up Cyan's Lynk & Co concept car stunningly clocking in the legendary 21-kilometre... View Article

Madonna – God Control

A Searing Wake Up Call Our Stockholm office was thrilled to work on Madonna's powerful new music video for her song "God Control", completing all sound design, VFX, online and deliveries. The video has unsurprisingly already racked up over 2 million views in just two days. READ MORE The Talent Online/VFX Supervisor: Peter Törnestam VFX... View Article

Nordea – Open Thinking

CREDITS Client: Nordea Director: Mikael Marcimain / B-Reel Producer: Lina Ehrenpreis / B-Reel Sound: Ellinor Nilsson Post Producer: Freddy Forelius


CREDITS Director: Sheila Johansson / New Land Producer: Adam Holmström / New Land Post Producer: Moa Looft Sound: Ellinor Nilsson


THE TALENT Client: H&M Director: Jonas Lindström/Iconoclast Producer: Adam Holmström/New Land Sound: Ellinor Nilsson Online: Peter Törnestam Post Producer: Moa Looft

Pierre Robert – Fit For Reality

CREDITS Client: Pierre Robert Director: Indra Herö Wide / New Land Producer: Dea Saracevic / New Land Sound: Ellinor Nilsson