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Systrar 1968

Sisters Our latest collaboration in the world of television is the Swedish series, Systrar 1968. Directed by Kristina Humle (Surprise, Real Humans, Anno 1790), the three-episode period drama takes place in the Swedish countryside during the summer of 1968 when a group of political, free-minded and feminist youth from Stockholm rattle the small town. The... View Article

Ikano Bank – When life happens

THE CHIMNEY TALENT Client: Ikano Bank VFX On set Supervisor: Martin Törnestedt & Evelina Åström VFX: Evelina Åström VFX: Simon Backlund Sound: Fredrik Jonsäter Online: Martin Nilsson Post Producer: Tua Nordqvist MORE FINANCE POST-PRODUCTION Wells Fargo - Holiday Spot 2019   AMF   DNB - Who Run the World?   Axos - Bank-er Robbery   Ikano... View Article


H&M meets Moschino Nobody missed the designer collab between H&M and Moschino. We are proud to have worked on all post-production on the commercial. Thank you Strange Cargo and H&M for the great collaboration! The Talent Art Directors: Sandberg & Timonen Editor: Johan Söderberg Agency Producer: Strange Cargo CHIMNEY: Conform: Michael Engström VFX Conform: Zsofia... View Article

Samsung – The Frame

The Talent Client: Samsung Sound Supervisor: Fredrik Jonsäter MORE TECH POST-PRODUCTION Telia - "Ett äventyr genom folknätet"   Seed   Tele2 - The Box Car   Spectrum - Smart Homes   Skai - The coolest 'helicopter' you've ever seen   Microsoft Surface - Ilias Patlis   Stockholm Exergi   Samsung - The Frame   Marshall -... View Article

Volvo – Favorite Things

Subscribe to your Car Against the backdrop of the world’s looming environmental disaster and the advent of self-driving cars, Volvo has unleashed a bleak yet grand new global commercial in which it sees a future where people no longer buy cars—but subscribe to them instead. “By not owning things, you are not owned by things”... View Article

IQ – Smoothness

The Talent Client: IQ Sound Supervisor: Fredrik Jonsäter MORE LIFESTYLE POST-PRODUCTION WHATIFI - DIGITAL INTERACTIVE THEATER   MyDoctor - More Health for the People!   World Pet Association - Furry Friends   PFIZER - WORLD'S BEST HEALTHCARE COMMERCIAL   GOTLANDSSNUS: Who said small, local start-ups can’t go big?   Volvo – A Million More   The... View Article

IKEA – Blue Bag

The Talent Sound Supervisor: Fredrik Jonsäter MORE ADVERTISING PRODUCTION Facebook - Business Cross Borders   WHATIFI - DIGITAL INTERACTIVE THEATER   MyDoctor - More Health for the People!   World Pet Association - Furry Friends   Happy Holidays from Chimney Vigor Group!   3 Guldbaggen Nominations For Chimney!   E&Y Access(ible) everywhere   AKAVIA - New... View Article

Volvo – Freedom of Movement

The Talent Client: Volvo Sound Supervisor: Fredrik Jonsäter MORE AUTOMOTIVE POST-PRODUCTION Volvo – A Million More   Volvo – For Everyone’s Safety   Kia - The Big Reveal   Volvo - The E.V.A Initiative   Polestar   Volvo - V60 CC   Lexus - Stolen   Mercedes Benz - Home Sweet Home   Porsche -... View Article