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Empire of Sin – Announcement Trailer

The Magic of CG Chimney was thrilled to put together this announcement trailer for the ultra-popular character-driven strategy game Empire of Sin.  The trailer, which we created entirely in CG, has collected over 1.4 million views on YouTube to date. Coming up with the entire concept to attract interest to the game was really exciting... View Article


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Alone in Space

Chimney proudly presents "Alone in Space" - VFX supervised by Evelina Åström & Fredrik Nord Today the SciFi film Alone in Space (Ensamma i rymden) premiers at Swedish cinemas! The Guldbagge Award winning VFX team in Sweden created all VFX on the movie. Over 250 VFX shots - everything from scenes and spaceships completely made... View Article


The Kennedy Who Got Away Chappaquidick, directed by John Curran, is a co-production between Chimney and Apex Entertainment. Chimney completed all the post-production services through our global company and connectivity—with editing and sound in Los Angeles, Color Correction and finishing in Stockholm, and VFX in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Warsaw. The film has a stellar cast... View Article

Bethard – Be Soft

Zlatan's Extracurricular Activities Wonder what Zlatan Ibrahimovic is doing when not prepping for his move to LA Galaxy? WATCH THE VFX BREAKDOWN The Talent Client: Bethard Post Production: Chimney CHIMNEY VFX Supervisor: Fredrik Nord 3D Model: Desirée Bröthlin 3D Animation: Martin Törnestedt 3D Animation: Ruslan Ogorodnik 3D Texturing: Erik Lundborg Comp: Jonas Lindfors, Jennifer Jallow, Evelina Åström, Jacob Gåfvels, Mats Forsberg, Onur Tumer, Simon Backlund, Adam Vadi Dris AD(Graphics): Assar Foddis... View Article

The 100- and the 101-year old

The 100-year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared This film was made with many VFX shots, probably more than you might think at start. Have a look at this VFX breakdown to find out what we did: the 101 year old man who skipped out on the bill and disappeared Chimney... View Article