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Madonna – God Control

A Searing Wake Up Call Our Stockholm office was thrilled to work on Madonna's powerful new music video for her song "God Control", completing all sound design, VFX, online and deliveries. The video has unsurprisingly already racked up over 2 million views in just two days. READ MORE The Talent Online/VFX Supervisor: Peter Törnestam VFX... View Article

Hövding – Bicycle Accident

Safety First Hövding's 'airbags' for bicycles quickly gained traction in the cycling safety industry the moment the revolutionary product was born in Sweden in 2005. Since then, over 150,000 airbags have been sold in over 15 countries. We loved developing the strategy and creative development as well as executing all post-production for this impactful spot,... View Article

Absolut – Marmalade Martini

The Talent Director: Mårten Lindsjö Editor: Linus Johansson Grade: Axel Rundqvist Retouch: Niklas Axelsson Sound: Alexander Berggren Online: Peter Törnestam, Rajdarn Eldorado MORE FROM PRODUCTION Facebook - Business Cross Borders   Tobii - Bringing The Eggheads to Life   Wear a Mask NY - PSA   Penny - Brand Launch   Unilever - United for... View Article

Absolut – End of Year 2019

The Talent Director: Mårten Lindsjö VFX: Martin Törnestedt, Hugo Balkhammar, Erik Lundborg, Liv Malmström, Fredrik Nord, Jennifer Jallow, Jacob Gavfels, Ruslan Ogordik, Jonas Lindfors, Evelina Åström Grade: Joakim Rissveds Sound : Ellinor Nilsson Online: Peter Törnestam


The Talent Editor: Gregers Dohn Sound: Fredrik Jonsäter, Mattias Eklund VFX: Evelina Åström Grade: Joakim Rissveds Online: Peter Törnestam Post Producer: Tua Nordqvist MORE FOOD & BEVERAGE POST-PRODUCTION Marigolds - Estrella   Taco Bell – Chasing Gold   Grandiosa   Oikos - Boxer   Loka - La Vida Loka   Stok Coffee - Lil Wayne... View Article


THE TALENT Client: H&M Director: Jonas Lindström/Iconoclast Producer: Adam Holmström/New Land Sound: Ellinor Nilsson Online: Peter Törnestam Post Producer: Moa Looft

MGM Springfield

QUESTION. How do you fit an entire casino stocked with slot machines, wild bellhops, a marching band and a full-size adult lion onto a moving truck on a bridge without it collapsing? Answer? You don't! Our VFX team created the entire Springfield environment in CG. We modeled, textured, and lit the iconic Springfield Bridge, created CG... View Article

Lexus – Man vs Machine

The Talent Client: Lexus Agency: Team One Director: Jonas Åkerlund Production Company: Serial Productions Producer: Leah Bohl Post Production/VFX: Peter Törnestam Sound Supervisor: Ellinor Nilsson All Ellinor NilssonPeter Törnestam DNB - Who Run the World?   Volvo - Selfie for Safety   Tele2 - The Box Car   Cyan - Racing Record   Madonna - God... View Article

Dacor – Remodel

The Talent Director: Ryan DiDonato Agency: Team One Production Company: Serial Pictures CHIMNEY Head Flame Artist: Peter Törnestam MORE LIFESTYLE POST-PRODUCTION World Pet Association - Furry Friends   The Swedish Armed Forces - Right now   The Children's Heart Foundation   Ajinomoto - Take Out Hate   Disney Riviera   Disney – NBA Experience   Instagram... View Article


Stockholm Exergi We're proud to have done all post-production on this Stockholm Exergi commercial. Thank you Camp David and Stockholm Exergi! The Talent Director: Cherry Cobra (Nathalie Hallman & Johanna Nyberg) Producer: Petra Johansson, Camp David CHIMNEY Grade: Axel Rundquist Sound: Ellinor Nilsson Online: Peter Törnestam Conform: Michael Engström Post Producer: Freddy Forelius MORE TECH... View Article