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Girl Scouts – Lessons

Once a Scout Always a Scout Did you know 80% of women business owners are girl scouts? Lez Rudge set the look for these light hearted spots promoting the benefits of being in the Girl Scouts. The Talent CHIMNEY: Colorist: Lez Rudge Assistant Colorist: Kody Wescott Color Producer: Tierney Farrell COSMO STREET EDITORIAL: Exec Producer:... View Article

MGM Springfield

QUESTION. How do you fit an entire casino stocked with slot machines, wild bellhops, a marching band and a full-size adult lion onto a moving truck on a bridge without it collapsing? Answer? You don't! Our VFX team created the entire Springfield environment in CG. We modeled, textured, and lit the iconic Springfield Bridge, created CG... View Article

The Crown – A Royal Instagram Story

The Talent Client: Netflix Agency: Pinwheel DOP: Matt Horrex Director: Mårten Lindsjö Producer: Andreas Törnqvist Production Company: Chimney Sound: Chimney Post-Production/VFX: Chimney MORE FROM PRODUCTION Tobii - Bringing The Eggheads to Life   Wear a Mask NY - PSA   Penny - Brand Launch   Unilever - United for America   Zillearn - A Zillion Possibilities   Comviq -... View Article

Pfizer – World’s best Healthcare Commercial

PFIZER Pfizer Inc. is an American multinational pharmaceutical corporation headquartered in New York City and one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. "World's Best Healthcare Commercial" Chimney was recognised at the New York Festivals Global Awards: World's Best Healthcare and Wellness Advertising. Xejlanz won the Global Award in the Pain Management category for their "Living... View Article

The Crown “Dog Edition” – Netflix

Going Social As a digital agency for entertainment and media clients, our team partnered with Netflix to create this social media ad for the hit television series, The Crown. The Talent Client: Netflix Social video: Chimney MORE FROM PRODUCTION Tobii - Bringing The Eggheads to Life   Wear a Mask NY - PSA   Penny... View Article

Audi 20 second test drives

Adrenaline, fear, and chaos What happens when you pit 3 superstar players and their coach from the Hawthorn Football Club against the audacious Audi R8 V10 on a racetrack? Adrenaline, fear, and chaos!  Chimney has created a series of films where sportsman and machine meet in an expression of brute force and refined technology. A... View Article

Bethard – Be Soft

Zlatan's Extracurricular Activities Wonder what Zlatan Ibrahimovic is doing when not prepping for his move to LA Galaxy? WATCH THE VFX BREAKDOWN The Talent Client: Bethard Post Production: Chimney CHIMNEY VFX Supervisor: Fredrik Nord 3D Model: Desirée Bröthlin 3D Animation: Martin Törnestedt 3D Animation: Ruslan Ogorodnik 3D Texturing: Erik Lundborg Comp: Jonas Lindfors, Jennifer Jallow, Evelina Åström, Jacob Gåfvels, Mats Forsberg, Onur Tumer, Simon Backlund, Adam Vadi Dris AD(Graphics): Assar Foddis... View Article

Hyundai – Geneva 2017

The Talent Client: Hyundai Production Company: Chimney Director: Johan Polhem Producer: Rosie Parker Sound: Rumble Studios MORE AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTION Hyundai Prophecy   Hyundai 45 - Reveal Film   Cyan - Racing Record   Hyundai - The Storm   Audi 20 second test drives   Audi R8 - Race   BACK TO HOMEPAGE