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Online browsing is the new window shopping

Retailers should make more effort in showcasing their products through online video—making it truly about the product, not fluffy brand-building content. Here's why. It is common knowledge that physical store visits are dropping dramatically, but retail sales value is steadily and consistently growing both in Europe and in the US. E-commerce only amounts for 8% of... View Article

Are you winning new business by accident or by careful planning?

Ask any business or any industry what the bane of their business existence is and more than likely the response that you will receive will be: "How do we win new business consistently"... A recent internal discussion here at Chimney raised the question—HOW is the creative industry or in fact, any industry securing new business... View Article

Henric Larsson speaks out on Security and VFX

Interview with Henric Larsson in Digital Production Magazine While researching storage, hardware and the other topics for this focus, one topic kept popping up: with all the new ways to work on different data-sets, the security aspect plays an important role. So we asked the head of one of the most widely distributed studio groups... View Article

Financial companies: Here’s how to make moving content work

Here are a few secrets behind making moving content marketing work for your financial services organisation 1. Painting the big picture Digital is certainly the new media focus for many financial services players. Anywhere where a person spends up to 8hrs a day on a platform such as the internet must be where you direct... View Article

Jake Loonan on Joining Chimney: A Global Model for a Changing World

Chimney NY’s executive producer and head of business development for North America reflects on his move to the full-service content company. Most people take very little to a new job - a favourite photograph or treasured coffee cup, perhaps. When Jake Loonan, Chimney New York’s executive producer and head of business development for North America,... View Article

How to build honest relationships with clients

If you want to build lasting relationships with clients you need to tell them the truth. Honesty is obviously an important part of building trust, but honesty needs to work both ways. In other words, not only do you need to be truthful with your clients; you also need to be willing to hear the... View Article

4 great reasons to rethink your industrial company’s marketing plan

It’s time for excellent engineering companies to become excellent communicators—and boost their business  I have been working with helping industrial and engineering companies with communications and brand building for over 20 years. It is not always a thankful task. There are obviously exceptions such as Atlas Copco, Schneider Electric or GE, but the majority has a long way to... View Article

5 minutes with Henric Larsson

Media veteran Henric Larsson is known by many but interviewed by few. Finally, somebody got a sit-down with him to learn more about how he got to where he's at.  Henric Larsson, who founded Chimney twenty-three years ago, is more than still active in the company. He is everyone's go-to guy regarding everything from client... View Article

How to Tame the Content Monster

Taming the Monster: Rethinking the Role of Content Creating new content is a necessary, ongoing investment for large companies today. No matter if you are creating all those pieces in-house or through a supplier—it will demand more and more of your time and energy. Meet the content monster. Perhaps you already know each other? It is... View Article