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Editor Glenn Conte on unlocking inspiration

From Disney to Discography: Editor Glenn Conte On Unlocking Inspiration Glenn Conte, head of editorial at Chimney NY, reveals what’s exciting and inspiring him at the moment As an award-winning editor, Glenn Conte is no stranger to new challenges and joining Chimney NY as head of editorial in February this year was just the creative... View Article

Think Twice Before Saying No To Your Clients

One of the most common mistakes people make when running a small business is saying no to a client. It could be the last conversation you ever have with them if you're not careful. Repeat business is never guaranteed, but it is an essential part of any pipeline when trying to build revenue streams. No matter... View Article

Unplug, Stay Human, Be Perceptive

Sean Eno, creative director at Chimney NY, talks about being a design and animation outsider and why that spurred him on even more As the dad of two ‘dynamic’ daughters, Chimney NY’s creative director Sean Eno compares fatherhood to work-hood, highlighting the skills of patient listening, conflict resolution and logistic management as important tenets of... View Article

Creativity is the New King

'Big Data’  is taking a step back facing the increased importance of Creativity—the new capital C. Creativity is making a comeback. We're seeing proof everywhere. In recent years, media buying has been optimised like never before. But we are progressively hearing less about Big Data, and more about Big Brand—fueled by the magic of creativity. ... View Article

When cinema and color marry

The love and marriage between color and cinematography—you can’t have one without the other, can you? Well, in theory, you actually could. Wait a second, I’m a colorist. I can’t say that, can I? Okay, you’re right, it’s a bit of a set up. It’s certainly possible to have cinematography without color correction and color... View Article

How to avoid the epidemic of replicated communication

PwC, McKinsey and Capgemini are all great, proud firms advising thousands of managers on how to improve their business. Yet they still haven't found a way to distinguish their brand message and storytelling. Is your firm suffering from an epidemic of replicated communication? I was doing some research for a pitch the other day, and... View Article

Online browsing is the new window shopping

Retailers should make more effort in showcasing their products through online video—making it truly about the product, not fluffy brand-building content. Here's why. It is common knowledge that physical store visits are dropping dramatically, but retail sales value is steadily and consistently growing both in Europe and in the US. E-commerce only amounts for 8% of... View Article

Are you winning new business by accident?

Ask any business or any industry what the bane of their business existence is and more than likely the response that you will receive will be: "How do we win new business consistently"... A recent internal discussion here at Chimney raised the question—HOW is the creative industry or in fact, any industry securing new business... View Article

Henric Larsson speaks out on Security and VFX

Interview with Henric Larsson in Digital Production Magazine While researching storage, hardware and the other topics for this focus, one topic kept popping up: with all the new ways to work on different data-sets, the security aspect plays an important role. So we asked the head of one of the most widely distributed studio groups... View Article

Here’s how to make moving content work

Here are a few secrets behind making moving content marketing work for your financial services organisation 1. Painting the big picture Digital is certainly the new media focus for many financial services players. Anywhere where a person spends up to 8hrs a day on a platform such as the internet must be where you direct... View Article