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Top 100 European Film Funds

A Word from the Editor in Chief - Fredrik Zander Head of Arts & Entertainment in Los Angeles   As a producer Fredrik has over 25 years of experience of Feature Films and TV series - including financing, co-production, post-production and project development. Since joining Chimney in 2007 he has produced more than 35 Feature... View Article

GE vs Industrial Majority, who wins?

Who is right in the Content Marketing Dispute? The industrial manufacturing industry is facing challenging times. According to the IMF, output is expected to increase only by 3.4 percent in 2017 after a few disappointing years [1]. How can manufacturers use content marketing to improve the top line during these uncertain times? Well – that... View Article

Death of the Desktop

Maybe it would disturb the feng shui of your home or perhaps you simply prefer to use a portable lightweight alternative. Whatever the reason, the desktop seems to be becoming more and more redundant as time and technology go on. Surprised to hear this? Well seeing as 78% of all media is currently being consumed... View Article

How to: Satisfy Bird Lovers

Ravens (Korparna) by Jens Assur is one of Chimney’s two nominations for this year’s Guldbaggen Awards in the category Best Sound Design for Feature Film. We had a quick word with Sound Supervisor Mattias Eklund about the work: "I am very proud of the work and I think it turned out really good. It was... View Article

Insight: Audio Branding

Brands and companies are constantly publishing content to an increasing number of channels. Many of those are digital, placing new demands on corporate communication toolboxes. Strong sound identities are expected to become significant competitive parameters in the communication of the future. Companies are communicating through owned channels like never before. The pursuit of content that... View Article

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

THE VFX SHOTS At an early stage of preproduction of his international debut Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, director Tomas Alfredsson asked The Chimney Pot to get involved in the VFX for the film. TCP has done a lot of work previously with both Tomas and the DOP Hoyte van Hoytema so we were very exited when... View Article