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The Swedish Armed Forces – Right now

Around the clock, all year round, and right now Their mission is clear: protecting and defending Sweden and its citizens' right to live in peace. The pandemic has taken its toll on the globe and the Swedish Armed Forces is on standby during this difficult-to-predict time – prepared to go as far as required, around... View Article


Pandemic Conditions What becomes of our relationships in a time of social distancing when our needs can only be met through a screen? Josephine Bornebusch's upcoming feature film battles the question of love, friendship and intimacy in a new social climate. Chimney's drama department is proud to have been a part of the film's journey,... View Article

Volvo – For Everyone’s Safety

The car that looks after you, like you look after others From scenes that warm your heart to a stunning climax that may leave you shaking, this powerful spot effectively captures the Volvo XC60's Lane Keeping Aid safety feature. With family life portrayed by Swedish actors Fares Fares and Ana Gil de Melo Nascimento, Chimney... View Article

The Children’s Heart Foundation

Heartbeats That Matter Every year, 1,000 children are born with heart defects in Sweden. Dante was born with three. In this heart-wrenching spot, the band Amason use a recording of Dante's actual heartbeat to form a new version of "Heartbeats" by The Knife. Every time the song is played on Spotify and YouTube, funds support... View Article

Nelly Rapp – Monster Agent

Nelly Rapp - Monster Agent Is there more to the world than meets the eye? Nelly Rapp discovers a new world full of monsters, vampires, and ghosts when she’s thrown into her uncle’s monster agency. From there, Nelly embarks on an adventure where everything she once believed to be true is challenged in this new... View Article

Award-winning TV Series ‘Love Me’ Back for Season Two

Love Me Winner of Best TV-Drama at Kristallen 2020 (Swedish Emmys), the trials of love and relationships continue as Director Josephine Bornebusch returns with a second season of the Swedish drama series "Love Me" (Älska Mig). Chimney’s Drama department was happy to once again participate in the series, contributing with sound, grade & VFX. READ... View Article

Young Wallander Tops Netflix Lists

Young Wallander Yellowbird and Netflix unite in telling the origin story of the hugely popular Swedish detective Kurt Wallander – and our Swedish post production team was thrilled to help bring it alive! The beloved crime series gets new legs in this take on Wallander’s younger years as a police officer and the challenges that... View Article

Love & Anarchy

Love & Anarchy Do you dare to dare? The upcoming Swedish Netflix series Love & Anarchy invites us to a fresh take on office drama with stars Ida Engvoll, Björn Mosten, Gizem Erdogan, Björn Kjellman and many more.  Our Stockholm team spiced up the drama by bringing its award-winning talent to the table with editing,... View Article

Look out for the Jönsson Gang!

The Jönsson Gang is back... ... and director Tomas Alfredson is at the healm giving the gang a new heist in his fresh take on the iconic franchise: "The Jönsson Gang". Our talented VFX teams in Stockholm and Warsaw had a blast crafting exciting scenes for this latest rendition of the popular Scandinavian comedy. Watch... View Article

Tobii – Bringing The Eggheads to Life

Tobii Dynavox This project from the Tobii Dynavox division at Tobii aimed to promote their new and updated 'Boardmaker', a learning and therapy system for kids. The Eggheads are the Boardmaker's trademark characters, and Chimney loved working on making them come to life. Our set designer and craft artist Ottil Säfwenberg worked her magic to... View Article