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PFIZER PLAY – On Demand E-Learning

A groundbreaking platform enabling Pfizer to navigate strict regulations THE (HUGE COMMUNICATIONS) CHALLENGE: Strict new EU regulations prevented direct marketing of pharmaceuticals to healthcare professionals (HCPs). So how can you communicate to your target audience with new rules preventing you from actively contacting them? INSIGHTS To navigate the new EU regulations, understanding how HCPs consume... View Article


To be one of the "big four" means big brand challenges: We're on it. Following the launch of two new services related to digital transformation, cyber security and customer experience, PwC were in need of a solid promotional launching pad. When promoting new offerings, most professional services firms spend thousands of euros producing expensive movies and... View Article


INTERNAL STORYTELLING The multinational German civil and industrial company Bilfinger wished to communicate and promote its methods for compliance, seeking a moving-image format that would grab people’s attention and would work across borders on their web presence. THE SOLUTION To create an engaging, we developed fully animated characters: "The Bilfies". They presented topics in a... View Article


“WORLD’S BEST HEALTHCARE COMMERCIAL” Bold statement, we know. But we'll take it. Chimney was recognized at the “New York Festivals Global Awards” for our production and post-production/VFX role in the award-winning Xeljanz, “Living the Nightmare”, commercial for rheumatoid arthritis. The global award was in the pain management category, with the spot produced by Chimney Sydney... View Article

GOTLANDSSNUS: Who said small, local start-ups can’t go big?

Small player, big brand challenges – We're on it. Who said small, local start-ups can't go big? Here's how we helped Gotlandssnus, a local start-up with big ambitions, build up their brand and drive sales. Targeted digital campaigns, short time to market on a modest budget? We got it. DISCOVER GOTLANDSSNUS From good to great... View Article


Love in Isolation What becomes of our relationships in a time of social distancing when our needs can only be met through a screen? Josephine Bornebusch's upcoming feature film tackles questions of love, friendship and intimacy in a new social climate. Chimney's drama department is proud to have been a part of the film's journey,... View Article

Volvo – A Million More

Ideas that change the world are often the most controversial After introducing the three-point seat belt as standard in cars in 1959, Volvo received massive criticism. People called it stupid and a violation of human rights. To date, it is estimated to have saved over a million lives. Now it's time for the next step.... View Article

The Swedish Armed Forces – Right now

Around the clock, all year round, and right now Their mission is clear: protecting and defending Sweden and its citizens' right to live in peace. The pandemic has taken its toll on the globe and the Swedish Armed Forces is on standby during this difficult-to-predict time – prepared to go as far as required, around... View Article

Volvo – For Everyone’s Safety

The car that looks after you, like you look after others From scenes that warm your heart to a stunning climax that may leave you shaking, this powerful spot effectively captures the Volvo XC60's Lane Keeping Aid safety feature. With family life portrayed by Swedish actors Fares Fares and Ana Gil de Melo Nascimento, Chimney... View Article

The Children’s Heart Foundation

Heartbeats That Matter Every year, 1,000 children are born with heart defects in Sweden. Dante was born with three. In this heart-wrenching spot, the band Amason use a recording of Dante's actual heartbeat to form a new version of "Heartbeats" by The Knife. Every time the song is played on Spotify and YouTube, funds support... View Article