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The Doha Debates – Greta Thunberg

Saving the Planet What a thrill to work with the likes of TED and the Doha Debates on this illustration piece featuring 16-year-old climate superstar Greta Thunberg, who's been making headlines recently after speaking at the U.N. Climate Action Summit in New York. Greta didn't hold back from chastising world leaders for inaction at the... View Article

Lil Nas X – Panini

Lil Nas X Meets Blade Runner In a global collaboration, our Chimney LA, NYC and Warsaw offices were proud to complete all VFX for top hip hop star, Lil Nas X's "Panini" music video. The end result is this snazzy 3-minute version of Blade Runner... executed in just one month. Trending at no 1 on... View Article

Cyan – Racing Record

CYAN STREET CAR SMASHES THE NURBURGRING LAP RECORD… ... and Chimney was on set to witness and record it all. The outcome is this thrilling digital promo ad for Cyan Racing, produced from start to finish by Chimney. It features the Chinese start-up Cyan's Lynk & Co concept car stunningly clocking in the legendary 21-kilometre... View Article

Empire of Sin – Announcement Trailer

The Magic of CG Chimney was thrilled to put together this announcement trailer for the ultra-popular character-driven strategy game Empire of Sin.  The trailer, which we created entirely in CG, has collected over 1.4 million views on YouTube to date. Coming up with the entire concept to attract interest to the game was really exciting... View Article

Absolut Vodka – Love is Equal

Love is Equal, Love is Blind Beautiful work from our Sydney office on this marriage equality-themed ad for Absolut. Chimney partnered with agency AKQA and Absolut to execute this film for their Absolut Love Campaign to celebrate the stories of Australian marriage equality since the historic YES vote in 2017. Chimney director Hailey Bartholomew shot... View Article

Madonna – God Control

A Searing Wake Up Call Our Stockholm office was thrilled to work on Madonna's powerful new music video for her song "God Control", completing all sound design, VFX, online and deliveries. The video has unsurprisingly already racked up over 2 million views in just two days. READ MORE The Talent Online/VFX Supervisor: Peter Törnestam VFX... View Article

Skai – The coolest ‘helicopter’ you’ve ever seen

Air Mobility of the Future Now there's a feast for tech lovers' eyes. Our Chimney LA office certainly got a taste of the future working on this striking promo video for Skai's  revolutionary new air mobility system—editing and completing the VFX, GFX and post work for this exciting new ride's website launch. The Talent Editor, VFX... View Article

Taco Bell – Chasing Gold

Chasing Gold Chimney LA completed all the VFX/Finishing on this hilarious new Taco Bell commercial. The fake movie trailer features Darren Criss as an aspiring singer whose obsessive love for Taco Bell's Nacho Fries sets him off on an exciting musical career—but ultimately leads to his demise. Read more: Adweek: Taco Bell’s Newest Believable-But-Fake Movie... View Article

Katy Perry – Never Really Over

Chimney rocks VFX for Katy Perry music video Watch how our Chimney LA office rocked the VFX on this whimsical new music video for Katy Perry, which snatched over 35million+ views on YouTube in just one week. The Talent Flame, VFX Sup: Fred Ross Compositor: Felix Thedeby Compositor: Simon Backlund Executive Producer: Ron Moon MORE... View Article

Game of Thrones – Epic Trailer

The Talent Editor: Gregers Dohn Director: Tomas Jonsgården DP: Henrik Stenberg MORE FILM & TV ORCA - LOVE IN ISOLATION   Nelly Rapp - Monster Agent   Award-winning TV Series 'Love Me' Back for Season Two   Young Wallander Tops Netflix Lists   Love & Anarchy   Look out for the Jönsson Gang!   Ghabe... View Article