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H&M – Balmain

Credits VFX by Chimney Press play to watch the VFX Breakdown of this project   For this amazing video, directed by Johan Sandberg and Henrik Timonen for H&M, we were challenged to help them realize their vision in creating a futuristic subway scene. After location scouting for what seemed to be forever without finding the... View Article

Bethard – Be Soft

Zlatan's Extracurricular Activities Wonder what Zlatan Ibrahimovic is doing when not prepping for his move to LA Galaxy? WATCH THE VFX BREAKDOWN The Talent Client: Bethard Post Production: Chimney CHIMNEY VFX Supervisor: Fredrik Nord 3D Model: Desirée Bröthlin 3D Animation: Martin Törnestedt 3D Animation: Ruslan Ogorodnik 3D Texturing: Erik Lundborg Comp: Jonas Lindfors, Jennifer Jallow, Evelina Åström, Jacob Gåfvels, Mats Forsberg, Onur Tumer, Simon Backlund, Adam Vadi Dris AD(Graphics): Assar Foddis... View Article