Glenn Conte

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Fredrik Nord

FREDRIK NORD Head of the VFX department is Fredrik Nord, partner and long time Chimney-crew member credited for over 100 feature films and countless commercials from 20 years in visual effects. At the Stockholm office Fredrik leads the talented team of artists as a supervisor on feature films and commercials. Fredrik has a vast experience... View Article

Martin Törnestedt

Martin Törnestedt Martin is a self taught vfx generalist who got into creating CG images in his early teens. Reading thick software manuals throughout his summer breaks.  He started freelancing in Stockholm as soon as he finished high school and did so for almost 10 years before joining up with Chimney Stockholms vfx department. Over the... View Article

Joakim Rissveds

Joakim Rissveds Joakim Rissveds started working with stills image retouching for seven years ago. By that time he got more and more interested in moving images and after a couple of years he bought a control panel for Davinci and began combining the stills and film worlds together. Today he is doing both retouch and... View Article

Andreas Brixter

Tårtgeneralen (2018) - Trailer 2   Hundraettåringen som smet från notan och försvann (Trailer)   Frilans Finans - Gör din grej   Microsoft Surface - Ilias Patlis   BATTLEFIELD 1 - THE RUNNER Single-player trailer   "If you watch too much tv your eyes might go square shaped." As a boy Andreas often heard this.... View Article

Linus Johansson

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Guilherme Todorov

Guilherme Todorov Guilherme Todorov is a Brazilian motion designer living and working in Berlin. Contact Zwischen Himmel und Hölle Title Sequence   TDRV Reel - MMXV   TDRV Reel   Superfit   Billboard Parada - Graphics Package   Ogilvy ID   NET - Absurdo de Milhas   Mondelez - Joy Lab   McFIT -... View Article

Fredrik Jonsäter

Systrar 1968   Ikano Bank - When life happens   MOSCHINO TV H&M   Samsung - The Frame   Volvo - Favorite Things   Nile Hilton Incident   IQ - Smoothness   IKEA - Blue Bag   Volvo - Freedom of Movement   + Fredrik ”Frippe” Jonsäter has been working for more then 20 years... View Article

Marko Katanic

Marko Katanic Marko is our senior Art Director with more than 15 years experience in design, motion graphics and animation. Remarkable experience with motion graphics, typography and design. Familiarity with graphic file types, file sizes, resolution and colour. Proficient with 2D & 3D animation, Cinema 4D, Houdini, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premier/ Final Cut... View Article

Gregers Dohn

Game of Thrones - Epic Trailer   Keno   Easy Money II   Borg vs. McEnroe   BATTLEFIELD 1 - friends   Canal Digital   CMORE var med när det känns   Mini Monster   Brimstone Trailer   + Gregers has been working for more than 20 years in the european film industry and is... View Article