Axel Rundquist

Axel Rundquist has been drawn to moving pictures as long as he can remember. Growing up watching Star Wars on VHS every morning before school definitely made its mark. Choosing what line of work he wanted to be in was never a problem and as soon as he graduated school he started studying filmmaking. There Axel saw grading for the first time and understood that that’s what he wanted to work with. After graduating film school Axel found his way to Chimney and started working as colorist-assistant. Prepping the colorist’s project and managing workflow by day and grading friends’ commercials and music videos by night, it didn’t take long until Axel was grading full-time. Since then he has worked on commercials for brands such as Volvo, HM, Loka, Telia, and Dice as well as working with drama series, documentary features, and music videos.