Sam O’Hare

SAM O'HARE Sam brings experience to Chimney with live-action directing, VFX supervision, still photography, and architecture. His interdisciplinary background has solidified him as a highly sought-after artist for photorealistic CGI production.  His work has been selected by NYC’s Museum of Modern Art for their permanent film collection and featured at AFI, Telluride Film Festival, and... View Article

Evelina Åström

Evelina Åström Evelina was raised in the Arctic Circle and has always had a big heart for detail and creation. Apart from leading a wide range of commercial/VFX projects she’s also involved in feature films. Evelina was one of the Supervisors for the family adventure, Alone in Space that recently premiered with over 250 VFX... View Article

Jan Białek

Jan Białek Jan has worked at Chimney for more than 10 years. His has experience within graphic design, storyboards, comics, characters, TV show illustrations, mattepaint, lighting, 2D animation and animated particles. Jan has also create graphic software and worked on set. One of his recent projects was working on the advertising for Karmi beer. Contact View Article

Peter Törnestam

Peter Törnestam Peter Törnestam was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1963. He launched his career in the film industry in 1986 as a video assistant and began with copying, QC and packing VHS feature films via Telecine grading and Linear editing. He went on to become a non-linear editor/compositor at post-production house Mekaniken for 7... View Article

Struan Farquhar

Struan Farquhar Struan Farquhar is a post producer and VFX supervisor. With 12 years experience working in post production, Struan has worked across Film, TV and TVC. Collaborating with countless US and UK broadcasters, he has worked on series for the BBC, Starz Media, and the Discovery Network. His work in high-end films includes James... View Article

Ola Ohlsson

Borg vs. McEnroe   Ola Ohlsson Showreel   Abba - The Official Photo Book   Gina Tricot - Jeans   Ola started his career in 1997 at small record company in Stockholm as a graphic designer. He eventually found his calling in offline editing and has been doing it ever since. Although mostly focused on... View Article

Makoto Amemiya

Makoto Amemiya Makoto Amemiya is a Senior Flame artist with over 10 years of experience working in post production. As a seasoned veteran with extensive experience, he has worked on music videos, feature films and over hundreds of television commercials for brands such as Toyota, Canon, Panasonic, Japan Airlines, P&G, SHISEIDO, Nissan and All Nippon... View Article

Rajdarn Eldorado

Rajdarn Eldorado With 6 years of film studies and 5 years in the vfx industry Rajdarn has a great feeling for visual storytelling mixed with technical know-how. This makes him an excellent problem solver and sounding board, keen to sink his teeth into every challenge presented to him. With an eye for detail and a great passion... View Article

Ellinor Nilsson

Ellinor Nilsson Ellinor Nilsson's fascination for sound has always played a huge role in her life. With a background in both sound engineering and music production, she joined Chimney Sound in Stockholm 2014 as a part of the trailer adaptations team. Her career soon took off with appraisal from both clients and colleagues and when... View Article

Petter Lindholm

Leading LA’s VFX team is Petter Lindholm, who comes from an extensive background in Animation/3D and editorial. Skilled in on-set supervision, Flame and Nuke, his wide range of work includes brands such as Lexus, H&M, Volvo, Dodge, Stella Artois, John Lewis and artists such as Beyonce, Jay-Z and Avicii. Petter has also led VFX for feature films... View Article