Mikael Pettersson

Mikael Pettersson Flame artist Mikael has been working as a VFX artist for 12 years, during which time he has passionately immersed himself in over 100 projects throughout a wide range of industries and worked with brands such as Volvo, Ikea, Coca Cola, Nokia, Playstation and H&M. Mikael has also worked on music videos and... View Article

Axel Rundquist

Axel Rundquist Axel Rundquist has been drawn to moving pictures as long as he can remember. Growing up watching Star Wars on VHS every morning before school definitely made its mark. Choosing what line of work he wanted to be in was never a problem and as soon as he graduated school he started studying... View Article

Lez Rudge

LEZ RUDGE Lez Rudge is a world-renowned colorist with over 20 years experience in color grading, who also serves as Chimney’s Head of Color North America. As a former partner and senior colorist at Nice Shoes in New York, he is highly regarded as a major player in the industry for his artistic talent and... View Article

Kody Wescott

Kody Wescott Editor turned colorist Kody Westcott has been taking the world of post by storm. Last year alone, Westcott was tasked with setting the look for the entire series of Daily Show correspondent Wyatt Cenac’s directorial debut, “aka Wyatt Cenac”. The series has been picked up by Most recently, Westcott colored Nike’s campaign featuring... View Article

Mats Holmgren

Mats Holmgren Mats Holmgren is a world-renowned colorist with nearly 20 years experience in color grading, working for Chimney in Sweden for the past 18 years. Mats is highly regarded as a major player in the industry for his artistic talent and proven success collaborating with some of the world’s directors and agencies. Over the... View Article

Carl Skaff

Carl Skaff Carl Skaff started working in the Post Production industry in 2001, and when the company he worked for bought a film scanner, he often found himself in the dark grading room. Carl has through the years had the honor to work with Sweden’s top directors, photographers and creators – Felix Herngren, Tarek Saleh... View Article