Axel Rundquist

Maria Casino - Director's Cut   VEONEER - Trust   Fjällräven - Winter   Volvo V60   Loka - La Vida Loka   Saudi Airlines - First class   JUCK   NONONO - Masterpiece   Herbal essences hero   + Axel Rundquist has been drawn to moving pictures as long as he can remember. Growing... View Article

Lez Rudge

Disney - Princesses   Girl Scouts - Lessons   Tullamore Dew - The other wall   Reebok - Live with Fire   Avion - Tequila   Water is Life - Tears   Avon - Fergie   Introducing: Lez Rudge   Gillette Venus - Stand   + Lez Rudge is a world-renowned colorist with over 20... View Article

Florian Staerk

Audi - Listen   IBM - Morning   Emigrate - Eat You Alive   Mira Wunder - Fawn   Deutsche Bank - Neue Zeit   BMW - Mechanic   IKEA - Treenapping   Watchever - Groundhog Day   Schuessler - Salze   + Contact BACK TO ARTISTS

Vincent Taylor

Lil Nas X - Panini   Stok Coffee - Lil Wayne   Suntrust - Figure of Confidence   Airbnb China - With Love   SKYTV - Come with us   Jim Bean - Mila Kunis   Bentley - Tibet   Agoda - Landdivers   Formerly of MPC SHANGHAI, an Award winning cinematographer with twelve awards from... View Article

Kody Wescott

Axos - Bank-er Robbery   Nike - The Court   Wyatt Cenac   Loveloud   Kumon - Early Learner   Editor turned colorist Kody Westcott has been taking the world of post by storm. Last year alone, Westcott was tasked with setting the look for the entire series of Daily Show correspondent Wyatt Cenac’s directorial debut,... View Article

Mats Holmgren

How it Ends   TAU   Gina Tricot - Anine Bing   Nile Hilton Incident Awarded at Guldbaggen   Woodshock   Atomic Blonde   HER Wins Oscar   Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy   Control   + Mats Holmgren is a world-renowned colorist with nearly 20 years experience in color grading, working for Chimney in Sweden... View Article

Carl Skaff

Before We Die   DUBBELDUSCH   UNHCR - Syria   Ipren - Hairsalon   Kappahl   Sony - Xperia   Apoteket - The toothbrush   Lego   Videoslots Casino   + Carl Skaff started working in the Post Production industry in 2001, and when the company he worked for bought a film scanner, he often... View Article