Assessio is a leading HR tech and strategy consultancy firm, offering market leading digital solutions for selecting applicants and employee development.

The Challenge

When Assessio approached Chimney, they had one clear goal: to establish a consistent online presence via ongoing content production. Our diverse spectrum of talent under one roof meant we could offer Assessio more. Much more. And execute it all seamlessly. The project grew to include everything from strategy, to SEO optimization, to a new graphic profile to help increase relevance of content produced.

The Solution


A thorough audit of existing content and channels is a good place to start. So our in-house superheroes dived in head first, creating a comprehensive solution that answered and surpassed our client’s needs. A dedicated Chimney team was soon elbow deep in several inter-dependent sub-projects – to be delivered in just four months. All managed thanks to our tried, tested and true processes and methodologies.


At the time of the audit, Assessio’s website consisted of fourcountry specific domains that all looked and told their story differently. It was clear that the process for content productionand communication was Ad Hoc, solving needs that emerged and patched together in a way that did not make sense from a brand identity perspective.

Instead of keeping the four domains, one main website was built with four different language options. A massive UX work was done and the website was produced based on a mobile-first model (and optimized to all responsive formats), with the graphic manual simultaneously under construction. Thanks to Chimney having all competences under the same roof, the UX designer and Art Director could collaborate side by side allowing the project to proceed and time horizons to be met.

The Impact

Our creative solutions and ability to capitalize on having all competences under one roof allowed us to deliver more in less time. The client’s initial brief to establish the client’s online presence was transformed into a long list of solutions that optimized impact.