Developing your brand

Chimney offers a diverse content studio with a spectrum of talents. We’re writers, editors, film producers, designers, digital specialists and strategists – the list goes on. Think of us as 50 multitaskers ready to take on pretty much any challenge you need within content.

We believe the best work is handled under one roof. We combine editorial expertise and extensive video skills with analytics and distribution knowledge to fulfill your every marketing need.

Our mission is to engage your audience. We develop your brand, identify the best channels and deliver solid, effective content.


A great end result takes strong strategy. We start every project by asking the question ”why”. We find your core need and pin it down to its bottom line. We challenge you and ourselves in a way that makes our work together solid right from scratch.


Engaging the audience is in our DNA – and we focus on quality in all we do. Not only do we love branded content. Having broad experience in both the entertainment industry and editorial production, we bring two creative worlds together.


We call it smart production, what we do mean though is more bang for the buck. Whatever 
we produce, it’s based on solid strategy with distribution in mind from day one. It’s all about creating relevant content and simultaneously adapt it to multiple channels.


Your reach is our main focus. To get the effect needed, identifying the right channels for your content is crucial. We make sure we know exactly where to broadcast your content long before we push the record button. Our channel strategy is present, analyzed and updated throughout the whole project.


It’s all about engaging the audience in the right way. In order to get the results you’re after, 
we never stop analyzing. Throughout the whole chain of strategy, concept, production and distribution we’re quick to adapt the message accordingly – ensuring we’re on the right track.


Music and sound play an essential role in brand communication. It triggers emotions on brand perception, heightens brand recognisability and supports consistent brand experience in tune with the audience. We produce sound identities, branded podcasts and sounds for apps and digital services.