Chimney Sweden strengthens its Colorist team, which together with Carl Skaff will consist of four people.


Chimney has earlier graded films such as “Her”, ”Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”, ”Let the right one in”, ”Searching for Sugarman” to mention an few. We now choose to invest even more in grading, both when it comes to long and short formats. The investment is based on large international demand as well as the increased need for professional grading of all types.

Carl Skaff started at Stopp in 2001, and when they bought a film scanner, he often found himself in the dark grading room. Carl has through the years had the honor to work with Sweden’s best directors, photographers and creators – Felix Herngren, Tarek Saleh and Carl Nilsson, among others. He has graded commercials for IKEA, If, AMF and other brands, and he has worked with feature film productions as well as music videos. A selection of his work can be viewed here.

Carl’s vision is to carry grading forward in terms of technology, creativity and workflow. ”It’s incredibly exciting and fun to be part of the Chimney Group, to get a chance to meet new clients, but also to continue to cultivate my relationships with my old clients in a new environment. It feels very exciting and I look forward to new challenges in joining this new and creative professional team.” he says.

Chimney is also very happy that one of Sweden’s most experienced graders joins the team. “Carl has extensive experience of grading both in commercial and feature film projects. He is also very competent when it comes to technology. Mats Holmgren, Oskar Larsson, Noelle Frid and Carl Skaff are now forming a “Grading dream team” at Chimney.” says a satisfied Joakim Dahl, Head of Creation at Chimney.

Carl will start by grading “Solsidan” and ”30 grader i februari”.