Small player, big brand challenges

– We’re on it.

Who said small, local start-ups can’t go big?

Here’s how we helped Gotlandssnus, a local start-up with big ambitions, build up their brand and drive sales. Targeted digital campaigns, short time to market on a modest budget?

We got it.

From good to great in three steps

Step 1: We mapped out the Gotlandssnus brand context to determine category, market, audience, culture and competition. The next question was obvious: how to succeed – nay – excel within that space?

Step 2: Drawing on our established groundwork, our talented strategists conceptualized the Gotlandssnus brand strategy, landing on the most relevant message and most engaging concept: “Experience the feeling of Gotland – without tobacco and nicotine”. We know stunning visuals go a long way, so we tapped into the crème de la crème of what the idyllic Swedish island has to offer. We then, naturally, targeted the right-est audience, in the most relevant-est channels.

Step 3: To help reduce and optimize time to market, we developed a comprehensive content library containing re-usable and adaptable creative assets. The final step (s):Test, measure, optimize, test, measure, optimize, test, measure, optimize, test – you get the point!


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