Teracom is a government-owned company which owns and manages all Swedish terrestrial networks for broadcasting. Since 2013 Teracom has distributed the magazine Mhz to all Teracom clients and the interested public.

The Challenge

In 2016, Teracom was subject to sabotage. The sole focus became to not only minimize the damage as soon as possible, but also to re-establish the image of Teracom as a company with a high level of safety in the eyes of the media, the public and the government.

The Solution

When the sabotage occurred, Chimney quickly put together a dedicated team which worked day and night, producing articles for Mhz and securing photos and footage. To stay on top of the question and to offer a media hub for the press about the sabotage, Chimney helped Teracom launch a dedicated web platform. The site was continuously updated with interviews, articles, photos, podcasts and film the whole year after the sabotage.

The Impact

Teracom was mentioned in 916 articles the first year after the sabotage. The estimate reach of those articles is 243 million recipients, rendering a PR value of 54 million SEK (PR-factor 2,4). Though there were negative articles straight after the sabotage, the tone soon changed for the positive especially regarding the way Teracom handled the crisis. It’s also notable that the positive interest is peaking shortly after the launch of the dedicated website.