Bryan Han and HaiHa Dang win third award for their Halography 2018 design

Hai Ha and Bryan’s extracurricular project for Vietnam’s Halography Festival 2018 opening title earned them a dotComm award

The opening title was created to open Halography 2018, Vietnam’s largest creative festival dedicated to the design community, taking place in a different city every year.

The award, received July 15, marks the third for this pair to win this year alone. Their Halography project also won a Hermes Creative Awards in April and a Bronze Telly Awards in the category Craft-Branded Content in May.

A Magical Title Design

With a keen interest in title designs, Chimney Senior Creative HaiHa headed the project, while 3D Artist Bryan shone his skills to create the running caricatures, leopard and dragon in the sequence. In total, it took the pair 25 days to complete the title.

“This title was a great opportunity to set standards for event graphics, especially in Vietnam,” HaiHa says.

HaiHa first became interested in title sequence design after working on local feature film Rubbers in Singapore. He later took a course taught by Ash Thorp on title design through Chimney’s sponsorship.
Bryan Han and HaiHa Dang

Inspired by new learnings, HaiHa created a fan art title sequence for La La Land, which was well received by other motion designers in the industry and is well worth a look. The Halography title sequence is his second long-form title sequence design.