The magazine BrandSäkert, produced entirely by Chimney, won Sweden’s 2019 Publishing Prize, one of the longest-running comprehensive communication contests in the country.

The magazine was awarded first place in the “Member Magazines” category, with glowing compliments from the jury: “A grand magazine with elegant, creative illustrations and high-end repro and print.”

BrandSäkert Magazine (“Fire Safety”) is the member magazine of long-time Chimney clients, Brandskyddsföreningen (The Swedish Fire Protection Association). Since 2005, Chimney and Brandskyddsföreningen have enjoyed a thriving partnership, with the magazine also previously winning the prestigious Publishing Prize in 2008. The magazine covers standard topics such as the Association’s work, important new rules and regulations and updates on best fire safety practice, with readership consisting mainly of members of the Association.

The winning issue was a special edition celebrating the Swedish Fire Protection Association’s 100-year anniversary. Chimney dived deep into the organization’s archives to extract exceptional achievements, beautifully showcasing them in an inviting, glossy fold-out timeline set in the larger context of popular world events.

Chimney also used a 3D artist to create a stunning glossy 3-dimensional cover covered in gold foil.

“After a 15-year long relationship, the spark is clearly still there! I think we can really see it through this magazine, which we have tightly collaborated on with our client,” said Jessica Somers, Project Manager at Chimney Stockholm’s office. “It has been a fantastic journey and it’s a great feeling to get recognition for all the hard work our team has put in.”