Chimney Sweden announces James Storey as latest star recruitment

As Digital Director, Storey will develop Chimney’s product portfolio and build new business systems for both its local and global markets


With over 20 years of marketing, design and brand experience, Storey is passionate about creating digital strategies and creating new business models.

“Chimney is a well-oiled machine that can seamlessly offer a full range of high quality content and services,” Storey said. “I’m thrilled to be part of that process and implement digital thought into all of our production.”

Storey joins Chimney from the digital consulting multinational Cognizant, where he served as Digital Strategy Senior Director and Director of Experience Design. Prior to that, Storey was Interactive Creative Director at the London-based agency VCCP.

Storey will now help develop Chimney’s client relations and further build awareness of Chimney as a full-service content agency.

James Storey/
Digital Director Chimney Sweden

“Clients today need extensive service from agencies that can act as consultants, producers and creators all at once,” he said. “I see a great need in the market where clients want to be able to turn to a single, full-service supplier that doesn’t compromise on the quality of its delivered products. Chimney fills these needs. Clients can turn to us, for example, for help producing a film, but from there we can also provide an interactive video, or an app. We fulfill a full spectrum of needs.”

Storey will work with Chimney’s existing business network while building new areas to grow in.

“In ten years, I want to be able to look back and see that Chimney has grown from being a content production agency that engages audiences to an agency that engages users on all channels,” Storey said. “In ten years, I believe Chimney will be one of the world’s top ten digital agencies. Stockholm is our testing base and from here we’re building a business system that will be implemented globally.”


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