Clas Ohlson

Clas Ohlson is a Swedish store chain in hardware, home, leisure and multimedia products operating in several markets across the globe.

The Challenge

Clas Ohlson searched for an effective strategy adaptable for all local markets focusing on their products. Apart from traditional tv commercials, they needed additional outputs that could strengthen core values of the brand and communicate the scope of their product lines.

The Solution

Chimney gathered a customized client team of both inhouse and freelance resources and relocated to client headquarters. Within two months we established a local Chimney production hub working close to Clas Ohlson’s marketing and sales departments. We produced engaging content in three categories. Firstly, product content such as do-it-yourself-films, unboxing experiences and infomercials. Secondly, editorial content such as miniseries containing product tips, guidelines and handy hints. And finally, sharp campaigns that work as destination drivers and also strengthen the brand.

The Impact

Our Always On model was a success. The three categories of content work for every online platform to increase market reach and are also adaptable to different target groups and media channels. This resulted in an increase in sales and conversions, as well as online engagement on all platforms and channels.