… and Chimney was on set to witness and record it all. The outcome is this thrilling digital promo ad for Cyan Racing, produced from start to finish by Chimney.

It features the Chinese start-up Cyan’s Lynk & Co concept car stunningly clocking in the legendary 21-kilometre Nurburgring Lap in just 7 minutes and 20 seconds, shattering all previous front-wheel-drive—and four-door car records. Not too shabby.

The new street car model was put to the ambitious test in both rain and shine, with initial development and testing in Valencia (see our shoot here), before hitting North Germany’s notoriously difficult “Green Hell”. Fortunately, Swedish pro-driver Thed Björk sat behind the wheel.

Results are not guaranteed (nor is the challenge necessarily recommended) for all drivers.

The Talent

Prod Company // Chimney Stockholm
Director // Mårten Lindsjö
EP // Gustav Garhammar
Producer // Sofia Swahn
DP/Operator // Carl August Savgård, Christian Berg, Fredrik Jönsson
Edit // Linus Johansson
Grade // Joakim Rissved
Sound // Ellinor Nilsson
VFX // Chimney Stockholm

Cyan Racing
Hans Bååth // CMO
Johan Meissner // PR Manager

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