Born into a family of staggering poverty and violence, Adam managed to literally haul himself by his bootstraps out of this quagmire of existential anguish to become a top director of comedically driven TV commercials.

But the journey was not an easy one.

Through a cunning mixture of intellect, fiction and simple barefaced cheek, Adam managed to grab an extensive education at the University of Hull, followed by Cornell University in upstate New York and finally bamboozled his way into London’s prestigious Royal College of Art Film School where he graduated with an MA(RCA) in Film Direction.

But this was simply the beginning. Next followed a period in the creative playground that is making music videos, working with such dizzying heights as Hall and Oates and Bobby Valentino. Bobby who? Exactly!

Almost spookily, this then segued into making TV commercials and over the years Adam has dined with such devils as Heineken, Coca Cola, Tampax, Land Rover, Febreze, Andrex, Amazon, Next and Trip Advisor. Along the way he has picked up a fair few awards but is far too British to say much about them here.

More recently, due to the revelation of having been a Glen of Imaal Terrier in a previous life…Adam has discovered a penchant for working with dogs. He seems to get them, they seem to get him. Woof. His bio photo shows him with his trusty hound Dodger. Whoever says dogs look like their owners?