The directing partnership of Monty Whitebloom and Andy Delaney began whilst studying at the world famous Goldsmiths College, at London University. Mr. Delaney was studying Film and Television. Mr. Whitebloom read English and American Literature.

This combination of disciplines created a context for their film, photography, and artwork. The narrative they inhabit is a unique visual storytelling. This combines seamless effects with an emotional truth, aspiration without intimidation.

Their directing career started at Academy in London and RadicalMedia in the States. In 2000, they established a new company, Studio, which was an integrated film, photography, art and music workshop that became one of the leaders of its kind in Europe.

Monty and Andy have worked non-stop internationally with brands such as Mercedes, Lacoste, Levis, Mitsubishi and Rolling Rock along with artists like Maroon 5, Lauryn Hill, Usher, Macy Gray, and Biffy Clyro.

They have gathered many nominations and awards for their work, such as MTV award nominations for Seal, and KT Tunstall. They won 5 awards including the Best Video of The Year at the MTV awards for Lauryn Hill. They have also won a Grammy with Sinead O’ Connor and had MVPA nominations for Maroon 5, Dido, George Michael, and David Gray.

In commercials, they have worked with clients as diverse as Lincoln, Payless, AXA, Eurostar, Ford, Reebok, Subaru, and the IOC. They won the Mobius Award for the best brand campaign with “Constellation Energy” and the Grand Prix Cassie for “Sunchips”.

Monty Whitebloom wrote and the pair directed the short film ‘Polarbearman’ for SOS Live Earth, which was nominated ay the Euro Best short film and in the Epica awards short film awards.

Andy and Monty work within a variety of different media; films, commercials, music videos, web dramas, ARG games, art and music projects, and photography. They shoot stills for commercial fashion campaigns such as Ralph Lauren, Converse, and Kodak.