Brett Wagner is a former professional wrestler and reality TV star, which is too bad for Brett Wagner the director because it dilutes his search results. Bret Wagner the Director is a director with many industry awards crowding the mantle he will have when he gets a bigger house, one with a mantle. He has helmed spots for McDonald’s, Time Warner, American Savings Bank, North Carolina Lottery, Lexus, Hawaiian Airlines, Belkin International, EmblemHealth, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. While he was helming them, he also directed them.

When he’s not making commercials, Brett is often sleeping. When not sleeping, he writes and directs award-winning films such as CHIEF, which premiered at Sundance and was declared “a must-see” by IndieWIRE. CHIEF—and his latest film, CARE—both won the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, earning them Oscar-Award qualification and Lucite statuettes, which will one day go on that mantle. His first feature film, FIVE YEARS, was distributed internationally (under the release title THE HIDDEN) after a 30-festival tour that included awards for Best Feature Film at the Victoria Film Festival and Best Screenplay at Avignon. 

Brett grew up in beautiful Cleveland, OH, which is adjacent to the regular Cleveland, OH. He earned an MFA from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. He has dived with great white sharks, organized Martin Scorsese’s film collection, sipped kava with the village elders, traded on the black market in Soviet Leningrad, worked concessions at the Rocky Horror Picture Show, poked lava with a stick, and once squished a Suzuki with an excavator. His intentions were honorable.