David Dinetz and Dylan Trussell are the directors and co-founders of Culprit Creative. Culprit has delivered global campaigns for Starbucks, Spotify, Beats by Dre, Instagram, and the 2017 April Fools Prank for Virgin Atlantic, landing them a feature in Forbes magazines 30 under 30 which quoted (Culprit) “is rewriting the playbook spurred by the rise of technology”. Most recently Culprit has created Airplane Mode, a feature film with the largest cast of social media stars ever assembled, with a combined following of over 600 million.

In addition to live action commercials and films, Culprit specializes in the world’s most awe inspiring photo-real renderings and CGI product animations. Utilising Hollywood’s most advanced techniques and artists and uniquely applying them to marketing, Culprit always aims to provide a fresh perspective on timeless brands with a focus on quality and masterful storytelling.

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