Lez Rudge

Lez Rudge is a New York based Visualist Director who has an eye for beauty and fashion. Intricate details with an emotional connection to the subject on screen is what he loves to capture on camera. His work has an organic feel, even when a piece may be more stylized, there has to be an objective perspective to weave the narrative together.

Lez is known to have an eye for distinction and touted as an artist who can find the beauty in almost any project, one of his strengths is his ability to work cohesively and efficiently with producers, creatives and even direct to brand clients.

Lez is a world renowned colorist who has worked on award winning television commercials, as well as music videos, movies and almost every type of live action format, be it art films, installations, or anything else. Being a lover of cinema, one thing he always strives for is beautiful looking images.

Contact jake.loonan@chimneygroup.com