Matt Berndt is an international commercial director and a leading automotive shooter. His work spans across a broad variety of styles, from lifestyle shoots, to storytelling or documentaries. Over the years Matthias has developed his own distinctive style – working with stunning visuals and emotional storytelling, often combined with visual effects and CGI.

A dozen years into his international career, Matt has preserved his down-to-earth attitude and adventurous spirit. With every project he brings curiosity and a love for exploration. His work has led him to shoot across the globe, from Capetown, to the African desert, downtown LA or in the hustle and bustle of Mumbai.

His work has won numerous awards including Silver at Cannes, Gold at the New York Festival (2008 & 2003), Gold at International Film and TV Festival Los Angeles (Gold in 2007 & 2003) and a Silver Animago Award for his CGI work.