Susan Stitt is a true visionary. Her visuals are almost exclusively created in-camera. To this end, Susan was awarded a “Gong” for excellence as Cinematographer of the year in Advertising in Australia. With all of this experience, Susan has become one of the world’s most exciting new visual directors.

In her own words… “During my 27 years in the photographic industry, I have traveled the world extensively, and worked in many contrasting and often divergent countries. Seeing, touching, feeling, hearing and tasting so many different cultures, has given me a deeper understanding of the value of portraying honesty and meaning in every image I capture. I want to continue to explore the richness and depth in everything I see. I want my pictures to be inspirational, and also insightful. To tell the story…”

Another unique talent of Susie’s is her incredible love, understanding and portrayal of food. She lives and breathes it like no other. Her photography is superb – you can almost smell and taste the food. As a Female film director, being a Woman helps her understand the Female / Male view of everything, which allows for a deeper empathy with her subjects; it brings a disciplined sensitive quality to her pictures.