Brothers by trade, brothers by blood. Growing up in a family of 4 boys; Joel & Jesse started making home videos together during Jr High School. There weren’t that many constructive things to do in small-town rural Michigan (where they first picked up the camera). Originally from Pasadena, CA and fathered by a crazy / genius do-it-your-self computer wizard; the Brothers had moved 7 times, lived and traveled across the US as children. That random skill set of passion, technology, road life & sleepless nights made for a seamless transition into the Film & TV Industry.

The Edwards Brothers bring a unique mix of cinematic, creative vision and raw hands-on talent to their work. While going from location to location and from job to job, they have directed, produced, shot, edited, graded, designed, animated and even scored their projects. This baptism of experience has only pushed them further. Their work is handcrafted, as the duo prefer to play all projects very close to the chest and are deeply immersed in every facet of creative, production & post, design, VFX & SFX and score. Joel and Jesse work as a traditional directing team in larger scale productions but also work individually as directors, or director/DP’s in smaller crew “shooter” roles when called upon in docu-style cinematography. They have crafted content for ESPN, National Geographic, FOX, NBC Universal, Discovery, History, ABC, TLC, SyFy, Animal Planet, Disney, Samsung, Gatorade, Nike, Skullcandy, Bloomberg TV, Abbott and many other networks & brands. Recognized with numerous industry awards, just in the past 4 years alone, they have been nominated for 28 National Emmy Awards, winning 5 of them in Best Promo Campaign, Outstanding Cinematography, Best Sports Show & Journalism categories.