Ten years after the film trilogy, Easy Money is back!
In a new original series from Netflix, we are yet again invited to follow the brutal hunt for money and success. And it’s anything but easy.

Chimney is proud to have participated in the making this series, contributing with our sound design, grading and VFX teams.
The original series premieres on Netflix April 7th.

Watch the trailer:

The entrepreneurial jet set as well as the criminal world is more brutal, chaotic and ruthless than ever. When these two worlds collide, loyalty, friendships and business partners will all be tested in the never-ending quest for easy money.

The Chimney Talent

Post Producer: Hanna Celikel
Post Coordinator: Ida Janols
Colorist: Mats Holmgren C.S.I
SFX: Nicklas Lindh
Dialogue: Jens Johansson
VFX Supervisor: Fredrik Nord, Jacob Gåfvels
VFX Producer: Martin Nilsson
VFX Artists: Jacob Gåfvels, Jennifer Jallow, Simon Backlund, Mats Forsberg, Ragnar Grudd, Ruslan Ogorodnik, Martin Törnestedt, Hugo Balkhammar, Erik Lundborg, Jonas Kylén & Liv Malmström
Assistant Editor: Hilton Jones
Deliveries: Mats Skoglund
Conform: Wille Kyrk
ADR: Per Sundström
ADR Coordinator: Josefin Frick


The Client

Director: Jesper Ganslandt
Director of Photography: Jonas Alarik FSF
Sound Designer: Andreas Franck
Producer: Nicklas Wikström Nicastro
Production Company: SF Studios
Distributor: Netflix