Kronaby watches, launched in 2017, combine modern Swedish design with state of the art technology.

The Challenge

Kronaby is a new Swedish brand on the hybrid smartwatch market. As a newcomer in a highly competitive industry, the challenge was to both build awareness and preference of the Kronaby brand. The hybrid smartwatch category was also fairly unknow, so Kronaby needed to act as a category captain, bringing the benefits of hybrid smartwatches to the world.

The Solution

Our belief is that effective communication builds on emotion. Therefore, we wanted to combine the watch’s rational benefits with emotion. In order to consider and actually buy a Kronaby, you need to experience and be inspired by all the benefits and the qualities of the watch. We managed to portray the rational features and yet make it feel on brand.  By using our smart production method, we also created one main film with a large number of edits on top. It enabled us to use, re-use and adapt the material in a wide range of versions and channels.

The Impact

Our “Always On” strategy has increased the traffic to Kronaby’s Youtube channel and social media with 500 percent during the launch campaign in United States. The films have reached more than a million views on Youtube. And the view through rate on digital video ads has exceeded all expectations, thanks to intense testing. One year after the launch, Kronaby is an established watch with a leading position in the global market for hybrid smartwatches.