More than 1.2 billion people on Facebook are connected to a small business in another country. After identifying two businesses and coupling them with the right cross-border experts, partners and solutions, Facebook engaged Chimney to create a documentation process which would include interviews, brainstorm sessions, as well as advice and insights.

And so, we did what we did best: we overdelivered on the original scope, far exceeding the expected deliverables thanks to our savvy solutions that maximized budget and content.

The Smart stuff

Simply, a self-recording kit.

An easy-to-setup self-recording kit containing all the necessary equipment tools alongside a setup instruction sheet was sent to the business owners. All shots were filmed and directed by Chimney, with live feedback sessions to business owners – all managed remotely via a smartphone and data connection.

Piecing all user-generated content together and coupling it with motion graphics, a visually dynamic and engaging video was developed to effectively showcase the business messaging and engage the target audiences.


Work with the Facebook Creative team to produce 2 campaigns to demonstrate how brands could advertise on Facebook.


While the concept of the ads worked well, the creative vision on how it would be produced was not in line with the budget and number of deliverables needed.


Our director re-imagined and re-worked the creative so that we could execute more efficiently and create more deliverables for the same budget. We leveraged our talent across NY, LA, Warsaw and Stockholm to keep quality high and costs competitive.


2 x :30
2 x :15
2 x :06
10 stills retouched


2 x :30
6 x :06
4 x :15
1 x :38
6 x :05
25 stills retouched

Average cost per deliverable: $5,000

The Impact

We garnered positive feedback from Facebook and the business owners. The videos were extremely well-received, with most feedback referring to them as ‘insightful’ and ‘engaging’. Facebook loved that we managed against a schedule vs rounds of revisions. They were so happy with the quality and outputs, they engaged us for a further 3 projects, including Virtual Training Videos, Webinars and a Diversity PR piece.

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