Falcon Brewery was a brewery based in Falkenberg, Sweden. It became a brand name after being bought by Carlsberg.

The Challenge

After launching Smakfull, a non-alcoholic beer designed to be paired with food, the challenge for Falcon was to deliver strong growth in the face of stiff competition from noisier brands. The key learning from Falcon drinkers was that they felt overwhelmed with the latest trends in fashion, music, food and drink. Even their idea of what, when and how to drink beer was becoming increasingly overshadowed.

The Solution

In response to this challenge, we developed a bespoke branded TV series called Smakfull to celebrate our target audience of “Real Men”—and give them the confidence to stand up for their lifestyle.

The series was hosted by celerity chef Jonas Cramby, who cooked no-fuss food and paired it with Falcon Smakfull. Falcon assets were woven into the program. We even toured the Falcon beer brewery.

The Impact

The content was so motivating that a major web TV channel, TV3, aired the series—for free! The program was at the center of a multimedia campaign, with trials on linear TV, funny outtakes on social video channels and contextual online display.

Celebrities also promoted the program on their own social media channels. One million people viewed the Smakfull video, delivering an astonishing market share increase from 0.4 percent to 19.9 percent during the 6-month campaign period—and without taking attention away from other Carlsberg group brands.

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