End-to-end Services… with an à la carte touch

Chimney offers a full-range and diverse content studio with a spectrum of talents. We’re digital strategists, writers, editors, designers, film producers – the list goes on. Think of us as 50 multitaskers ready to take on pretty much any challenge you need within content.

Our clients appreciate that we offer everything under one roof in a world where time is crucial. Our clients need efficient ways to engage their audiences using large volumes of creative content based on data driven strategy.

Our mission is to engage your audience. We develop your brand, identify the best channels and deliver effective and powerful content.


Our expert Brand Activation services give our clients a turn-key plan on how to structure and set-up an Ongoing Brand Activation pipeline that enables a continuous flow of relevant content for all (digital) channels and target audiences. The end result is a precious, comprehensive annual Content Calendar and financial and organizational set up to enable Ongoing Brand Activation for your communications.


A great end result takes strong strategy. We start every project by asking the question ”why”. We find your core need and pin it down to its bottom line. We challenge you and ourselves in a way that makes our work together solid right from scratch.


Our expertise in all areas of commercial production allows us to elevate the creative idea, drive the message and ensure results. Working through end-to-end production, we can ensure that all arms of production are working together to create the best possible results. We do both Production and Post Production, please choose one of the below to see what we’ve been working on lately.


We provide creative production services working with our talented roster of directors, cinematographers & photographers. We prefer to dive into production development early to ensure that Chimney projects generate as many assets for our clients as possible; a service we call Smart Production.


We’ve spent over 20 years building our award-winning team who are specialists in Editing, CGI & VFX, Grading, and Sound. Our post-production facilities and workflow are designed for us to curate the right team for each project and enable 24/7 workflow when required.


With Creative Asset Optimization, we scale your campaigns into large amount of creative content destined for target groups in different channels and markets. Thanks to our vast experience we ensure quality and creativity, while eliminating rounds of revisions to save your precious time.