We’re happy to share another successful creative project straight from our Seoul office. We had an opportunity to collaborate with Apollon Immersive Works on a fantastic display for Gmarket – the leading online shopping platform in Korea. This was an amazing project to work on and as a result achieving the highest resolution display on Times Square NYC is a feat in itself.

Chimney Group was responsible for the conceptual development, production of CGI, everything up to and including the final playouts of the DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) contents.

We’re proud to have been able to communicate the message of Gmarket, a true online leader through a stunning display in Times Square for everyone to see!

Watch the campaign:

The Chimney Talent

Chimney Korea

Executive Producer: Seungku Lee


Chimney Poland

Creative Director / VFX Supervisor: Miron Blocki

VFX Producer: Olga Kowalczyk
Modeling Artist: Tomasz Witkowski
Animation Artist: Karol Chylinski
Lighting Artist: Piotr Dobaczewski
Compositing Artist: Sergii Kostyshyn
DI Support: Ireneusz Dabowski, Jakub Sokolowski

Chimney US (New York)

Managing Director / Executive Producer: Dana Bonomo

Production Coordinator: Andrew Meyer
Camera Director: Samuel O. Schrag

Special thanks to:

Chimney Sweden: Fredrika Frenkiel, Filippa Ederbro, Peter Törnestam, Gustav Garhammar and Carl Rapp
Chimney Singapore: Camilla Anderson, Struan Farquhar, Ola Ohlsson and Tom Rapson

The Client

Apollon Immersive Works

Project Supervisor: Taekjin Lee

Creative Director: Jinyoung Yang
Concept Designer: Dahyun Chung, Sehee Kim


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