Director: Nicole Dorsey

Producer: Deborah Etta Robinson 

Production Designer/Costume Designer: Krystle Tabujara 

Editor: Greg Goldman 

Music: Krystle Tabujara & Nicole Dorsey

Harold (voice): Henry Phillips 

Maggie: Kyle Mizono 

Homeowner: Jon Huck 

Clerk: Robert Balderson

Harold: Jon Huck and Patrick Keane 


The film follows the story of Harold, an anthropomorphic pine tree, as he tries to make his way to Oregon. It seems that the harsh city streets of Los Angeles have become uninhabitable for him and he hears that there is a protected tree territory up north. Harold is a likeable drifter and the audience cheers him on as his story unfolds. The documentary landed a spot in AT&T’s Create-a-thon competition. Despite not taking home top prize, the little film did rank as one of 5 finalists out of 1000 entries. Not too bad for this lil-big tree.