Founded in 1663, Hauert is the oldest Swiss producer of fertilizers for horticulture and organic farming.

The Challenge

How do you change the misconception that fertilizers are a quick fix or rescue treatment for plants, when in reality they are food for plants?

Leave it to Chimney—in 2017, we rolled up our sleeves to help prepare the public for Spring with and the new bloom—and simultaneously share the knowledge of Hauert’s fertilizer products as essential to the task.

The Solution

We synced with nature, leaving no stone unturned. Once fully equipped with the right knowledge, we began writing 20 How-To videos for Hauert. We produced, post-produced and put on the right tunes to get people digging, cutting and trimming.

Catering to the Swiss market, we created both French and German versions of the videos, all exploring the perfect lawns and flourishing balcony with herbs, flowers and everything else that makes one’s heart grow fonder.

The Impact

The result was how-to videos visually as endearing as nature itself. And the numbers proved it, too:

  • Organic watch time totaled nearly 70,000 minutes;
  • Nearly half a million total views.

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