Drugs, Devices, and Diagnostics can all tell more impactful stories about what they do, how they do it and why they should be used.

Partner with Chimney to tell those stories in the most engaging and meaningful way across patients’ and healthcare providers’ diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship journeys.


Partner with Chimney Health & Wellness and work with award-winning talent that successfully applies its long history of production and post-production in the entertainment industry to health & wellness brands.

Streamline the process between Strategy, Creation, and Activation to drive more engaging content for less. Leverage Chimney’s expertise in producing meaningful content that is tied to data and is results-oriented to ensure your content is more than just beautiful… it’s IMPACTFUL.


Drive content strategy and creation with a high ROI: contact Chimney today to help you produce content with Impact.


Let the mix of artists and strategists at Chimney Health & Wellness identify the white space your brand can own based on key insights that truly resonate with your audience. Move the needle with communications and content that are strategically developed and placed in the right channels to uniquely reposition a brand, enter a new category, or connect with a new audience.


Leverage Chimney’s legacy in directing, editing, and visual effects to push the boundaries of creative representation while working within the regulatory guard rails of healthcare. Whether visualizing the science of a drug or creating compelling educational videos, Chimney’s expertise in producing health and wellness content delivers engaging and seamless brand experiences.


Reconcile strategy and objectives through quality, high ROI brand activations. Create more content with less budget through increased visibility, collaboration, and automation. Adopt Chimney’s proprietary, tech-enabled asset optimization and management platform to maximize creative quality across all channels while simultaneously delivering production efficiencies. 

World’s Best Healthcare & Wellness Advertising

Chimney was recognized at the “New York Festivals Global Awards” for its production and post-production/VFX role in the award-winning Xeljanz, “Living the Nightmare”, commercial for rheumatoid arthritis. The global award was in the pain management category and the spot was produced by Chimney Sydney, who was approached by Grey Health Group to work on the campaign.

The challenge: Direct advertising of prescription medication is forbidden in Australia, and the campaign was tasked to raise awareness for Rheumatoid Arthritis. As most sufferers do not display visible symptoms, the campaign was challenged with raising awareness of the invisible disease.


Pfizer faced a huge communication challenge. Strict new EU regulations prevented direct marketing of pharmaceuticals to healthcare professionals (HCPs). Specifically, the new rules prevented films from being published openly on social media platforms (eg. YouTube). In addition, #1 All content required verification that the viewer worked in the medical industry in order to access material. #2 Patients and HCPs were required to initiate the first point of contact with a pharmaceutical company.

The challenge: How can you communicate with your targeted audiences if new rules prevent you from actively contacting them?

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