If you want to build lasting relationships with clients you need to tell them the truth.

Honesty is obviously an important part of building trust, but honesty needs to work both ways. In other words, not only do you need to be truthful with your clients; you also need to be willing to hear the truth from them about your business.


One of the first things I do whenever I engage with a new client is try to establish a level of trust from the first conversation. I ask as many questions as possible about their business. “What are your goals both short term and long term? Where have you been successful with partners? What have your pain points been?” After learning more about what they want to achieve and what their past experiences have been, only then can I find out how to best offer them something of value. Maybe that value is global resources, a lower price point or speed to market. Whatever that differentiator may be, it won’t make a difference if you can’t deliver the goods.

Jason Mayo/COO Chimney Group NY


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