The Swedish Tenants’ Union (Hyresgästföreningen) is the largest member organization in Sweden working for everyone’s right to a good home at a reasonable rent.

The Challenge

How can a pretty dry subject transform into a hot topic during the elections? That was Hyresgästföreningens question to us before the national election of 2018 in Sweden. Our mission was to create and implement a broad campaign with the goal of influencing the citizens about the market rental rates and by doing so drive public opinion before the national election. In order to stand out from all the other noise surrounding an election, with a somewhat complex subject, we had to be very on point communication wise and create a campaign that would transform a lack of knowledge to engagement.


To get Swedish tenants to engage we needed to make the matter personal. We simply needed to find a concrete way of showing how the market rates could affect the wallet of the individual. 

The Solution

We started off by digging into a report of the aftermath of the market rates in areas where higher rents were expected. After that, we created targeted social media ads that showed exactly how the tenants in the areas would be affected. The target groups were led to the campaign site marknadshyror.info where they could calculate on their new rent cost if the market rate would be introduced.

Parallel to this, we implemented a broader campaign with a focus on reach, with the goal of creating a place of conflict between political parties that are for the market rate and the three million tenants in Sweden.

Towards the end of the election, we took the campaign further, by adding videos and animations where Hyresgästföreningen called on the political parties to give an account on their individual standpoint on the issue. The videos were spread through social media and got high engagement levels. We also wrote native articles distributed in Metro.

The Impact

Market rental rates went from being rarely spoken about to becoming something everybody talked about – in news articles, the comment fields on social media, party leader debates and on TV and on the radio. Other signs of good effects were:

  • The recruitment of new members via the website grew by 40% during the campaign period.
  • The search for market rental rates on Google grew by 10,471%
  • The native articles in Metro had both a high frequency of clicks and a high reading time (up to 3,5 minutes). One of the articles took the record with a clock frequency of 68% – the average number is 6-18%!


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