We are very excited to see the commercial Omtänk for Ikano Bostad live in Sweden. It is an honor to take part of Ikano Bostad’s work – since years back they have been giving children and teenagers more than just a house to live in, by providing everything from free soccer training to help with homework to getting them that first job.

Chimney has done treatmeant, manuscript, production and adaptations on the commercial. Watch the video here and read more about Ikano Bostad’s Omtänk (in Swedish): https://ikanobostad.se/omtank/

Read the Resumé article about the commercial here (In Swedish): https://www.resume.se/nyheter/artiklar/2017/11/27/ikano-bostad-vill-bredda-inneborden-av-ett-bostadsbolag/

Project group


Stina Viktorsson – Marketing Manager, Ikano Bostad
Susanne Thuresson – Creative Director, Ikano Bostad’s inhouse agency
Markus Olsson – Art Director, Ikano Bostads inhouse agency
Jenny Dynesius – Digital Strategist, Ikano Bostad

Agency: Chimney

Project Manager & Production Manager: Fanny Cygnaeus
Account Director: Markus Forchhammer
Creative: Eric Severin
Director & Producer: Michel Megherbi
Digital Producer: Oskar Jämtander
Sound: Ellinor Nilsson
Editing: Andreas Brixter
Grade: Oskar Larsson
Flame: Mikael Pettersson
Motion Graphics: Ayman Alkassab
Photographer: Frida Wendel
Scenographer: Johan Ryman scenograf
Costume & Make-up: Mari Miltvedt


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