There is nothing better than to give to people in need, especially during this cheerful time of the year. At Chimney’s headquarters, Christmas started very early this year.

The amazing Office Managers in Stockholm came up with the idea of raising money for the Swedish Charity initiative Musikhjälpen. They created the concept “Fika på Chimney” and have this far raised almost 15 000 SEK, or 1 530 EUR.

First of all, what is a “fika” and how did you come up with the idea?

– A fika is basically a hot beverage (preferably coffee!) with something sweet on the side. Like a cookie, cupcake OR the absolute classic and favourite; a cinnamon bun! says Sofia Bergvall.

– For swedes ‘fika’ is an everyday thing we do at least twice a day, and we take it really serious. If you ever meet a grumpy swede, ask he or she if they’ve had their share of fika for the day. If not, you’ve found the reason for the grumpy mood! Nothing makes a swede happier than a fika, says Kajsa Nordin. I’ve been a fan of the recurrent Musikhjälpen for a long time, and since it’s broadcasted one week in the end of every year you have plenty of time to come up with an idea. I came up with the idea during the job interview for the position as a receptionist. Then I spilled the idea to my colleagues Sofia och Tuva who happily joined the train. After our boss’s approvement, all we had to do was to start baking!

Where will the money that’s been raised go?

– Every year Musikhjälpen has a theme, this year it’s ‘kids are not for sale’. Every minute four kids are sold in the sex trade worldwide. Some of the kids in poverty is forced to contribute to the provision of the family and selling their body can sometimes be the only alternative, says Tuva Lindvall.

– The sex trade with children is a growing criminal billion industry, where the number of unrecorded cases are huge. The money will go to different organizations and associations that pinpoints the areas and issues these kids are facing. After the collection is finished you can find information about these on Musikhjälpens website, says Kajsa Nordin.

How long have you been doing this, and for how long will the contest go on?

– We started in the end of september and has sold fika every thursday since, that makes it about 12 weeks of baking! Every week one person is responsible for the baking and every week’s there’s been different pastries. We’ve made everything from classic vanilla buns and brownies to saffron pies and baklava, says Kajsa Nordin.

– The great final is on sunday the 17th of december and this last week we have a fika marathon at the office! Meaning we take turns to bake and then sell fika e v e r y day! Says Sofia Bergvall.

Do you want to contribute but cannot come to Skeppsbron with super short notice? Join the fundraising campaign by following this link!