We are very proud to welcome and introduce world-renowned colorist and Creative Director, Lez Rudge, to our Chimney team! With over 20 years of experience in color grading, Lez is highly regarded as a major player in the industry and thus has developed a loyal client base for his award-winning beauty/fashion and commercial work.

Lez has an artistic eye for distinction and works cohesively with a wide range of clients. He will also serve as Chimney’s Creative Director and Head of Color in North America, overseeing and directing projects.

We sat down with Lez to learn about a special project – one that is close to his heart.

Ali Lambert Voron

A few years ago, Lez had an amazing opportunity to direct and color a project featuring his longtime friend, Ali Lambert Voron.  Alia writer, voiceover actress and inspirational speaker wrote a deeply moving blog post on Huffington Post about beauty from her perspective. The blog starts with a powerful quote from a study that claims at least 80 percent of women over 18 years old are unhappy with what they see when they look in the mirror.

Ali Lambert Voron

In the blog, Ali shared her honest feelings throughout her journey of getting diagnosed with alopecia universalis and how she has since dealt with self-esteem after losing her hair. To convey the strength she has found, Ali shared beautiful photographs of herself taken by photographer Len Irish, showing the beauty of her face without makeup.

Sharing Ali’s story

After Lez read her inspiring blog, he reached out to his old friend as he was emotionally taken by the story. His proposal was to turn Ali’s blog post into a TV commercial to reach more people with her message.

“My main thinking was that I had always known Ali and I was always impressed by her that despite of her condition – she was always a very positive and energetic person to be around. That’s why I felt it would be great to use her story to help others who felt insecure about how they looked to let them know that what is inside a person is more important that external looks,” says Lez.

We couldn’t be more happy to have you onboard Lez; welcome to the Chimney family! Don’t miss the commercial Just Be You “Beautiful In My Eyes”, you will find it here. Want to see more of Lez? Click here!