Läkerol is a Swedish brand of sugar- and calorie-free candies currently produced by Cloetta  in a variety of flavors.

The Challenge

Läkerol has been making people talk for decades with well-known very successful TV campaigns. But TV is no longer the talk of the town and Läkerol wanted to keep the conversations going on new media. So they approached Chimney with a brief: Create a commercial that is custom-made for YouTube TrueView.

The Solution

In traditional storytelling, the audience has to wait until the very end to learn the outcome. But in a fast-moving digital world, audiences have limited patience and chances are that they will skip to a different film long before the end is revealed.

Chimney cut the traditional TV commercial format up: setting the scene, building up characters and ultimately delivering the pay-off—and reversed it for the online format, beginning with the climax, exposing Läkerol within the first five seconds—then showing the build-up.

Traditional TVC

YouTube TrueView

The Impact

Soon after launching the two versions on YouTube TrueView, we saw striking results:

  • Within two months, the commercial had 2 million views, with the reverse version accounting for 75 percent of views;
  • The reverse version also accounted for 70 percent of all shares;
  • The reverse version also generated 135,000 clicks from people who wanted to see more;
  • 1,750,000 out of the 2 million views were within the target audience, male and female aged 18-34;
  • All-in-all, the share volume of in-target group views was comparable to prime time television advertisement—but much more cost-efficient.


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