Lil Nas X Meets Blade Runner

In a global collaboration, our Chimney LA, NYC and Warsaw offices were proud to complete all VFX for top hip hop star, Lil Nas X’s “Panini” music video. The end result is this snazzy 3-minute version of Blade Runner… executed in just one month.

Trending at no 1 on YouTube upon its release, the clip has so far already collected over 31 million views.

Watch the breakdown

The Talent

Chimney LA
Creative Director / Flame / VFX Supervisor: Fred Ross
Producer: Alex Ramos
EP: Ron Moon
Compositor: Felix Thedeby, Phoebe Britton, Sorie Conteh
3D Artist / Compositor: John Federico, Justin Mays, Sam Cividanis

Chimney NYC
Colorist: Vincent Taylor
Color Assist: Kody Wescott
Color Producer: Tierney Farrell

Chimney Poland
CG Supervisor: Łukasz Dziedziński
VFX Producer: Hanna Drewek
Matchmove: Sylwester Lipiński
3D Model: Tomek Witkowski, Piotrek Dobaczewski, Adrian Hoffman
Animation/Mocap: Krzysztof Kozłowski, Łukasz Dziedziński
Light/render: Piotr Dobaczewski
Shading: Daniel Niszczota

LORD DANGER (Production Company)
Director: Mike Diva
EP: Josh Shadid
Producer: Shyam Sengupta
Cinematographer: Aaron Grasso